5 Most Memorable Moments from 8.10.13.

TODAY Bryan and I celebrated 52 weeks/12 months …. 1 year of marriage!!

Those 365 days were whirlwinds filled with unexpected learning curvesnew adventures, and big life decisions.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Steph got engaged in May and we are still in the planning stages for what will be a gorgeous celebration of her and Jonathon’ new marriage. As we anticipate that joyous day, I can’t but reflect back on August 10, 2013.

Isn’t it funny what you end up remembering? Almost ironic after heaps and heaps of planning/arguing/throwing my hands up in frustration about the teenest of details. Honestly, most of those details are not even worth mentioning ever again.

So, in honor of one year since August 10, (and in preparation for Steph’s big day), here’s a list of my 5 most memorable moments from our wedding:


1. Being surrounded by our friends in the middle of the dance floor while dancing to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. B & and I were all-smiles. I remember seeing both our parents on the floor, both my sisters, and friends from all our life stages (undergrad, grad school, and even high school), and I remember Bryan and I not caring what we were doing, just that we were dancing to music we love with people we love.
Many thanks for that to our excellent DJ and our parents’ superb taste in music. 

2. Standing outside the church doors with Dad, right before we processed down the aisle. So many nerves, anticipation, thankfulness, joy were wrapped up in that one moment. I don’t even remember exactly what was said – probably something about the weather. I thanked Dad for being there and held his arm more tightly. I don’t know why I remember this so distinctly, but I can recall without a doubt that the day smelled like a dewy meadow – damp, fresh, and “oakey.”

3. My cheeks hurting the night before the wedding. I remember thinking: how am I going to make it through the reception? The rehearsal dinner kept me smiling for 3 straight hours. I looked around at one point and felt overwhelmed and giddy with gratitude. That all these people loved Bryan and I? That their toasts rang with such genuine feeling? I didn’t know what to make of it, except to smile wider (quite a bit of wine was consumed). How thankful I continue to be for those bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members!

4. Standing in a bustling Blue Zone club room overlooking the football field. This was after the ceremony but before we were introduced to begin the reception. I felt so overwhelmed. Our wedding party kept congratulating us, a server kept offering drinks and fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese (oh my gracious!). It was at this moment I first realized everything we had planned was in the middle of unfolding. What?!

5. Walking on UNC’s campus with my bridesmaids a few hours before our hair appointments. I treasure this sweet, lovely memory (my favorite people, my favorite place). My friends brought me an Americano (with 5 shots of espresso!) and we walked from the Bell Tower to the Old Well. Those moments gave me some outdoor time – which I needed – to reflect. I remember feeling like I was watching someone else’s life unfold … it was hard to believe I was actually getting married later that day. I will always be grateful that Alli, Em, Steph, Kiri, and Cristina were each so willing to participate in this whim. And were so irrationally excited … for me! What friends.

annnnnnnd a sixth one because I can’t resist …

6. Watching Grandma Shirley and Papa win the anniversary dance as the longest married couple in attendance. Witnessing that was a reality check moment of realizing I was entering into a lifelong journey that not many people complete. And that marriage is hard, but in it is so much joy and milestones to come. I want to dance with Bryan at our grandchildren’s weddings!


3 thoughts on “5 Most Memorable Moments from 8.10.13.

  1. Beautiful…Beautiful…I had not seen your msg nor pictures until this morning. I just sent you the text because that special time was on my calendar …but
    after viewing your E-mail., I feel more like we were there!! God bless.

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