Days 1 & 2 in California

Bryan and I spent 10 days in California at the end of July to celebrate our one-year anniversary. This is the first post in a photo series on our adventure.

Day 1: Drive from LA to Mono Lake

monolake4  monolake3photo 2  monolake7photo 1  monolake5monolake6

Night 1: Sleeping at Lee Vining:

leevining  photo 5

Day 2: Breakfast at Lee Vining, Hiking to Gaylor Lakes

leevining5leevining3  leevining4 

The Gaylor Lakes trailhead began at 10,000 feet elevation (!). We started this first hike very early (still on East Coast time) and a little out of breath, but it was absolutely worth it because it was so peaceful – not a person to be seen for the first hour.

gaylorlake2gaylorlake5  gaylorlake1gaylorlake3 gaylorlake6



Days 3 & 4: next up!


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