Days 2 (continued) & 3 in California

This continues a series of posts about our one-year anniversary trip to California. Days 1 & 2 can be found here

Day 2 (continued): Cathedral Lakes & Lembert Dome

I forgot how very long our first hiking day was. After our 10,000 ft beginning, we drove down to Toulomne Meadows and began a 7 mile round trip to Cathedral Lakes (below). We ate lunch here, and sat in the sun to warm ourselves up – (yes, even after a hike; It was a little chilly!).

cathedrallakesbryanshannon cathedrallakeshannon2cathedrallakeshannon

Then we started a new trailhead which was ~3 miles roundtrip to the viewpoint on Lembert Dome (below). From there you can see Toulumne Meadows and if you squint into the distance you can see Half Dome and El Capitain.


Day 3: Mist Trail, Glacier Point, and Sentinel Dome

We drove to Yosemite Valley that night and began our next hike from the floor. I got a coffee and we each ate a Clif bar to start our cool morning walk to the trailhead. The Mist Trail (below) is 7 miles round trip which included two waterfalls: Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls. DANG, this trail was straight uphill – you’re basically paralleling the waterfalls up rocks and rocks and rocks…I think I might have been crawling at a few points. I honestly don’t know how some of the ragged people we passed made it to the top. What a rewarding view, though.

vernalfallsshannon  thefalls5
thefalls6  thefalls4thefalls2thefalls3thefalls_dome

Sentinel Dome (below) offered an unexpectedly breathtaking view. This short hike led to an open-faced granite rock with rewarding views in all directions. If I could pinpoint a moment this trip when I felt how truly large God’s creating hands must be, it was here.


Glacier Point (below) offered a view facing the two waterfalls we scaled along the Mist Trail. This was a lovely way to end our last day in Yosemite – especially because when we told the couple taking our photo what we had hiked, they both basically (but actually literally) gasped in admiration. Nothing better to make you feel like a hero!


PS: In case you were wondering what glamorous lodging Bryan and I were staying in, I’ve included some photos (and yes, it included one lightbulb, no AC, and no indoor plumbing).


Days 4 & 5: up next!


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