Days 4, 5, & 6 in California

This is the third post in a series on our one-year anniversary trip to California. Days 1 & 2 here, Days 2 & 3 here.

Day 4: Drive to San Francisco, Explore Coit Tower & the Embarcadero

sanfran_coit tower2  sanfran_coit tower  sanfran_coit tower3

Day 5: Bike around the Golden Gate Bridge, Lands End, & Los Alamos Square Park (aka The Painted Ladies).

GG Bridge
GG Bridge 3  GG Bridge2GG Bridge 4

I was a little obsessed with Golden Gate pictures, as you can tell.

We rented these exciting electric bikes. I’d never heard of them before but they are an absolute boon in San Francisco. We were literally zipping up and down those steep hills powered by pedal assist. Don’t worry, we wore our helmets and stuck (mostly) to bike paths. Although we couldn’t zip across the Golden Gate Bridge – way too many kiddos still learning how to ride, “tour de france-serious” bicyclists and gawking pedestrians. Actually this part of the bike ride was probably the most stressful experience of our entire trip. Trying to avoid these oblivious and crash-prone people took all my concentration.

GG Bridge 6  GG Bridge 5    GG Bridge 7 GG Bridge 8
GG Bridge 9   GG Bridge 10

Lands End (below)

Lands End

Painted Ladies (below).

Painted Ladies

Day 6: Big Sur sightseeing, driving down to Solvang/Bulleton.

We had the misfortune (but common situation) of driving through a giant fog the whole way – he (the fog) is called Karl in San Fran, apparently. The first time we could clearly see the ocean wasn’t until the following day in Santa Barbara – and even that was overcast. There were still cool pictures along the way, though.

Big Sur
Big Sur 2  Big Sur 3 Big Sur 4 Big Sur 5

At one point, there was sunshine … but the fog was settled directly over the pretty view.

Big Sur 9  Big Sur 6
Big Sur 8

We stopped at the most adorable organic farm with which I am still in love and want to revisit – and also known as the place where I talked with/petted an Australian Shepherd (be still, heart!). Unfortunately, not pictured.

Solvang, the Danish-themed sleeper town for Santa Barbara wine country, was so so so darling. Our – arguably – best dinner this trip was spent at Succulent Cafe. I feel compelled to mention them because they treated us as absolutely normal customers even though we unorthodoxically ordered like 5 appetizers (including goat cheese spread and bacon-wrapped scallops) for our dinner. It was a very “Shannon”-thing, we decided.

Solvang  Solvang 2 Solvang 3 Solvang 4

Days 7, 8, & 9 (ie: San Diego): up next!


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