The Liebster Award

Ah, Saturday again. Time for my usual log of the week. My blogging really has been so weekend focused; the past five days included my first week of individual therapy and on Wednesday, we hosted a Back to School Night. That made me feel like my head was spinning.

Thank goodness to Kristen Powell who’s provided some blogging fuel by nominating me for something I’d never heard of (but love the idea of): the Liebster Award.

If you haven’t checked out (Kristen’s blog), I highly recommend it. She’s honest with her perceptions (honesty goes a long way with me) and posts such lovely photos from her cross-country travels. Kristen and I knew each other from high school – so it’s fun to have blogs and track where our jobs/lives have led us as we’re in our mid-twenties (can we just talk about how it’s been almost 10 years since high school? Actually, never mind).

Kristen, I feel (unexpectedly) honored by this nomination as a “blog you faithfully follow.” Thank you!

The idea behind the Liebster award is to help others discover new blogs that you already love and to also gain insights into topics you do not regularly touch on.  The rules are to thank the fellow blogger who nominated you, and pass along the nomination to other bloggers whom you faithfully follow with a new set of questions.

And so, without further ado, my answers to Kristen’s questions.

1. What inspired you to start blogging? My first semester of college! Life felt so crazy – and I had so many thoughts/experiences to share, but I’m an introvert who despises the phone. So I ended up telling my mom (whom I did call faithfully, mind you!) that I was creating a blog that she could follow for updates on my life. I know, what kind of child am I? But it fit my personality well, provided catharsis, and mom loved it, so I’ve been on the blogosphere ever since.

2. Coffee date with your favorite author- How do you take your coffee and who are you sitting with? How I take my coffee depends on the time of day. I’m certainly no coffee snob, but I love a complex straight black coffee in the early morning to wake me up. At night, with dessert, my coffee must have half-n-half in it. No watery skim milk here. As for an interesting conversation with a favorite author, I do adore Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Betty Smith, JRR Tolkkien, and CS Lewis, but I draw a blank on what we’d actually discuss over coffee. I tend to think conversation with them would be stilted and awkward. What on earth would we discuss? Their writing? And what would that look like? I’d absolutely adore a chat with Deb Perelman (of Smitten Kitchen fame. Sorry, does she count as an author? I hope so.) I think we’d eat something delicious and have the deepest belly-shaking laughter together. Her online tongue-in-cheek sarcasm keeps me reading her posts – even though I never have the time to make the aaaaamzing recipes she posts.

3. What do you enjoy most about where you live right now? My commute. I’ve only lived in Arlington for a month, but what I’m loving right now is my 15-minute morning drive into the District during which I catch glimpses of: the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Potomac, the Kennedy Center, National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and the lovely homes of the Palisades. I typically am headed to work around 7/7:15am and so I’m before the rush hour and have some space to take in the morning sunrise over these masterpieces. It keeps me thankful for where I live.

4. Your ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner: Cereal and coffee for breakfast (I covet my daily Cheerio’s/Special K with vanilla almond milk)! For lunch/dinner, I’ll take anything – absolutely anything – from Smitten Kitchen, Shauna Niequist’s Bread & Wine or recommendatios by Kiri Sunde, med student, good friend, and cook extraordinaire.

5. What one possession do you cherish the most? Currently, my wedding ring. Is that silly? Throughout the day it often catches in the light and causes me to reflect on how much I’ve enjoyed being married to Bryan and how thankful I am for him. I appreciate this because I think this why we have rings. My hands are always busy in front of me throughout the day and I’m glad to still be caught off guard by the fact that I’m married.

6. Do you have a favorite writing spot? Describe the location. Currently, I have no desk so I’ve been writing from our dining room/kitchen table in the apartment. I’m not sure I have a favorite spot.

7. What has been your most memorable trip? Good question! All of the trips I’ve taken with Bryan (Israel, St. Lucia, Yosemite) have been memorable. But I’d say our most recent trip to Yosemite/San Diego is the most memorable. This is partly because my memory is deficient and I begin to forget all the exciting moments we had on trips more than 5 years ago. But this is also partly because Yosemite/San Diego was the first vacation we paid for with our own money, after we “knew how to be married,” and got to explore the Pacific Coast cliffs, vineyards, coffee shops, and gorgeous mountain views. Perfection.

8. If you could have been born in a different decade from your own, which one would it be and why? I often think I’d have fit better into my grandparents’ generation (those born in the 1940s). I admire their hard-working drive and honesty and how well that was rewarded. I also think I’d have enjoyed their dance moves better than the “bump and grind” I awkwardly have to avert my eyes from at current bars.

9. What about blogging excites you the most? Distributing the same thoughts (in a well-thought-out, articulated manner) to a wide audience simultaneously. I love that I can think through what I wanted to say and then I get to say it without having a face-to-face conversation. That sounds terrible, but, you know, introvert-style.

10. You have a 24-hour getaway: where do you go? Next on my “travel-list” is Greece. But 24 hours is not nearly enough time to do and see all that I’d want to there. So, for a 24-hour getaway, I’d be fascinated to stand on the top of the world/Arctic Circle – see the northern lights, ride a dog sled, hear the silence, see what there is to see, and then avoid frostbite and get straight home. Also just googled this out of curiosity and apparently you can’t do a trip to the Arctic Cricle for less than $20,000. So I’m sure that will be happening in my near future.

Finally, for the nominations.

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers to answer the following questions. All of these bloggers are people I love, admire and whose posts I look forward to every week. I hope this gives you something fun to write about that you don’t normally touch on – and I hope you consider this recognition an honor. I highly recommend each of these writers. Love you all!

1. Cristina (Poveromo) Davis
2. Hilary (Colborn) Edmiston
3. Jaimie Jones
4. Audrey Beckett
5. Mary Bingham

The Questions:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
2. Coffee date with your favorite author – How do you take your coffee and with whom are you sitting?
3. If approached by someone who self-identifies as a “hating reading” what book would be your go-to recommendation?
4. What do you enjoy most about where you live right now?
5. Do you ever order cocktails? If so, what is your go-to?
6. What is your favorite dog breed? Why?
7. If you’re being honest, what is the best means of getting in contact with you?: text, email, phone call, Facebook messenger, Skype, or something else?
8. What is your go-to question when in the midst of an awkward first-meeting? (aside: I’m taking notes!)
9. What possession in your home are you most proud of?
10. In less than 10 words, describe what you’ve been learning from a spiritual perspective recently.


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