Guidance is a Verb not a Noun.

“God’s guidance is something God does,
not something God gives.”

– Tim Keller

How do you make decisions? The great irony  to me of “big life decisions” has always been the fact that I agonize for days and weeks over things God knows the outcome of. This head-spinning fact – that God is all-knowing – gives me some comfort, but also makes me want to shake my fist at the sky and shout “Well then, God, WHY CANT YOU JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS?!”

And yet, I still have to make the decision and act on the decision and act on those following plans.

Bryan and I are in the midst of deciding where he will be working next Fall. This topic has manifested in nearly all of our recent conversations. I find it comical how serious Bryan and I can be when decisions need to be made. We’re both thoughtful, risk-averse, and deliberative personalities (there have indeed been multiple pro/con lists …). We are each so proud of maintaining neutrality and not letting our bias reveal itself until a decision has been reached by pure logic and objective measures. It’s a wonder any decisions are made between the two of us.

A sermon by Tim Keller has been comforting during this process. Keller encourages us that there is no wrong decision where we fall out of God’s grace. God isn’t waiting for us to turn our eyes to him at just the right moment so he can wave the red (stop) or green (go) flags to signal his approval of the decision. He works through us and guides us by our friends and circumstances. We don’t need to wait around for a neon green sign. Rather, we dont wait on anything; we live in community and relationship with God and we make decisions from the intuition born of that communion (an intuition grown out of that divine relationship). Intuition + logic leads to wise decisions and the best ones you can make. I trust that God is guiding us even when he has not yet clearly affirmed or denied a choice.

And I trust he’s got a plan all the time … not just when we turn to him in indecisive agony at the big milestones in life.

Thank goodness.

“What you will,
when you will,
how you will.”

– John Newton


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