This weekend I’ve been aching for Bryan and feeling lonely.

I re-listened to our first dance song (oh, you know, the things crazy people do when they’re home alone) and felt the reassurance of these lyrics. We chose this song because of the slow tempo and the realistic lyrics. We’re under no pretense that marriage is perfect.

Marriage is a gamut of things – not always joyous, not always loving, and certainly not always peaceful. There are (and I trust/anticipate there will be) days of fear and anger and weakness. But thank goodness for the ability to rest in the simple phrase of “AMEN” – verily, truly, let it be. Let it be – I’m not afraid:


We will have love, we will have pain
There will be days
and days
and days
that feel the same
We will have fear, we will have joy
There may be little girls and little boys

We will have friends, we will have peace
There will be nights of lights and music till you sleep
We will be strong though we will still break
We’ll live through so much more than we could take

Amen, Amen
With the dawn we all begin again
Amen, Amen
What is done and yet to come

We will have hope, we will have doubt
There will be memories we could never live without
We will have tears, but there will be grace
There will be prayers that we never thought we’d pray

Amen, Amen
With the dawn we all begin again
Amen, Amen
What is done and yet to come


3 thoughts on “Amen.

  1. Dear Blessed One…Poosh on times of separation. I have had very few and you’ll will have far more than we’ve experienced…and yet, they never get
    easy or pleasant: However, the joy of being together again is SOOOO
    Sweet!!. Better listen to something that won’t bring tears and flit the pillow
    over for a dry spot! :). Love you Dearly.

  2. Mrs. Phillips – you are the most encouraging married woman I know. I am sending one of the biggest hugs to you. I have certainly learned to stay away from the sad movies and music. This is not good when you’re alone. LOVE TO YOU!

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