Introvert to Slight Extrovert?

When I tell new acquaintances I’m ‘introverted by nature,’ I get puzzled looks: “Uh, really?!?”

The incredulous responses prompted my realization that, since college, I’ve grown out of the narrow box of introversion I like to check off. I’ve acquired something I hadn’t noted until now … a bit of extroversion. I especially noticed it this weekend when I joyously hosted 14 friends for dinner and then turned around to vigorously cheer on 1,000s of runners in a marathon. And I wasn’t even exhausted.

I prefer organization and coloring in the lines, so it annoys me that I no longer fit neatly into the attribute of introversion (although, don’t worry, I’m still absurdly introverted in most ways). But, alas, I must embrace that life is a journey and that I’ve been changing in how I approach social affairs.

Below are the areas in which I’ve seen my introversion fade away:

– Meeting New People (Especially individuals I know I’ll be seeing a lot more of; I get so interested and curious about who they are/where they come from).
– Around Small Kiddos (Thank goodness for that – or I’d feel exhausted each day with my class of 13 under-5 year-olds.)
– Cheering at Races (This is a new love I’ve discovered. Running a big race sometime soon? I’m there. Bryan got so embarrassed at my enthusiastic shouting that he stood 10 feet behind me.)
– Hosting Dinner Parties. 
– Interacting Professionally – with parents, administrators, etc.
– Making Conversation in Public Places (It used to be that if a stranger talked to me I’d provide the shortest answer possible, and shut down).
– Skypeing with Old Friends (I still am not a fan of traditional telephone calls, let me tell you, though!)

Have you experienced a change of personality at some point in your life? Did you feel disappointed or excited about it?


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