Thoughts & Updates – in no particular order.

It has been a while since a blogpost – unduly, unreasonably long. There is no explanation just that I’ve had no energy for composing updates.

Here they are: anecdotes in random order.

I have developed an unhealthy affinity for Rory Gilmore. Can she be my spirit animal? Yes this means I spent my rainy Saturday watching Gilmore Girls, folding laundry, and wrapping presents.

I felt my emotions fluctuate so much this week. Highs and lows. Days of missing Bryan and anxiety about a new therapy client to hosting a party and socializing with good friends (Hi, Alli!!).

Dog fever. The end.

One of my highlights this week was receiving a package of letters from my old roommates in college. I cannot get over my fascination with snail mail. The idea that your friend touches the same paper you did – that they thought about what they really wanted and spent some time planning how to express it.

My dislike for Christmas decorating grows by the minute. The only way I can describe it is that I feel itchy just thinking about purchasing and hanging items on the wall/table/mantle. Simple lights and a tree are all I want.

I hosted our staff holiday party at my apartment clubhouse! A smashing success and a lovely lovely time. I’m fortunate and thankful for the River School. Im thankful for a group of coworkers who know how to let their hair down.

Most days I still have trouble believing parents seek me out with questions about speech and language and child rearing. I have to shake my head in disbelief. Me? Am I qualified to do these things?


I ran a 5k today! An accomplishment, considering how little I’ve been running recently. In fact I might have run my worst time ever. I need a system and routine. But cold and still learning the ropes of a new job and a limited budget are not aiding this dilemma.

Currently reading:
** the Advent devotional from She Reads Truth (check it out – it’s not too late to start). This has been so good for me and a welcome change from Oswald Chambers ‘ constant call to suffering (though I still love him).
** Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon
** Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
** When Love Walked In by Marisa de Los Santos

Bryan returns Thursday for a long while. I am ready for him to be here.





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