2015 Goals

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There’s no way I could’ve predicted what 2014 would bring. Last year, around this time, I was blissfully making goals and mentally preparing for my “real job.” I didn’t dare guess that I’d be in DC working for my dream job and that Bryan would be finishing his last year of law school so far away. This year taught us much about communicating and loving and, most specifically for me, living in the present. Given that we only see each other for three days a week our precious present time has become intentional and more important. However I’ve also learned that I’ve gotten lazy and self-indulgent with my alone time (see, Gilmore Girls and early bedtimes). So that is going to take some recovery period when we celebrate Bryan’s graduation in May.

2014 also saw the marriage of several dear dear friends (Cristina, Becca, Sara, Jon), and the engagement of one dear sister. This year saw me walking across a stage to receive a Master’s Degree, and my little sister officially earning her license. We went through a small family crisis when Dad’s career took a sudden change, and we took multiple Hilton Head journeys. I finally hiked in Yosemite, and Bryan accepted an excellent job at a firm.

I predict that 2015 will be a year of “once agains.” I am brimming with all the good things it will bring. Once again, I will have my husband in the same place as me (DC!). Once again, I will experience the joy of a family reunion via wedding (Stephanie’s!). Once again, I will get to love on a sweet sweet animal (a pup!). Once again, we will both have our final summer vacation of our lives (at least the kind of summer vacations that are 3 months long and leisurely). And yet, so many new challenges and adventures to come (especially with that pup). We want and plan to invest more in our fledgling church – if they allow us.

And so I’m trying to be both reasonable and ambitious with my goals. I want to check my heart for this coming year to live and love in the present with what is in front of me – as I watch a pup grow so rapidly and as I celebrate my husband back in our apartment. Some goals for this year:

– Run up to 10 miles on my own.
– Increase my intake of fruits and vegetables.
– Work on strengthening leg muscles through lifting, lunging, and running (ACTUALLY USE THE GYM IN OUR APT?).

– Read through more of the Old Testament (with Alli?)
– Host friends for food and conversation (monthly?) – I didn’t get quite at once a month like my goal from last year.
– Begin serving with a non-profit – such as Teens Run DC, Pet Therapy, or serve as a mentor to college students in the area.

– Read at least three books a month (let’s all be lenient on ourselves), beginning with: Far From the Tree (Solomon), Liar Temptress Soldier Spy (Abbott), Outlander (Galabon), as well as re-reading a few Louisa May Alcott favorites.
– Use my new mat to practice some structured yoga weekly.
– Become more organized with tracking LSLS Cert hours, jotting down and asking questions to my all my mentors, and planning the week before for therapy.

– Continue reaching out to others by writing a pen pal a week.
– Take time away this summer to intentionally enjoy Bryan’s company.
– Serve Steph by throwing a Bachelorette Shower and being the best Matron-of-Honor (wait – is that really me?) for June.

And, finally, yes. The most exciting goals reference the soon-to-be newest member of our family (*cough* come spring, but prepare ye the way now!):

– Save intentionally for this pup so that we don’t begrudge him/her quality food and toys.
– Read as much as possible about adopting and caring for a dog – beginning with:The Other End of the Leash (McConnell) and The Power of Positive Dog Training (Miller).
– Receive AKC S.T.A.R. Certification, and attend an Obedience class for our dog. Socialize him/her to love people, babies, and other dogs.
– Teach him/her to catch and retrieve a frisbee!!
– Find a trusted veterinarian in the area.

Here’s to all there is to anticipate in 2015! Thank you to everyone who has – and continues to – support Bryan and I in this phase of our crazy life. We certainly notice and do appreciate the lack of eye rolls and pity. We choose to do this – it is not easy, it is not cheap, but it’s also not led our marriage to destruction. We feel even more closely bonded.



One thought on “2015 Goals

  1. Heavenly days, my dear young friend! I am worn out just reading where you’ve come from this AND your plans for 2015. I have come through a horrific December with 17 at our Christmas Brunch..(doing ALL the cooking) plus all the Christmas music programs and a Christmas Eve service…our one and only great grandchild (17 mo. old and a precious little fellow) will be
    joined by TWIN SISTERS in the spring…That will be 3 under 2 until July…that’s Karsten’s birthday….PLUS…Graham and Meredith (married 1/25)
    announced that they are expecting in late4 Aug.! …THEN, I had a wedding rehearsal on the 26th and the wedding on the 27th…all classical music on the piano and then the rest of the service on the organ!!! I am worn out but
    back to teaching Monday. Oh, on the Sun before Christmas,while loading the
    car, I lifted up an armful of heavy music and met the corner of the car door full blast. Praise God, I did not break my glasses, nor hit my eye, It was if that door corner weezled it’s way into the corner of my eye socket and POW…the pain was horrible! That was my 1st BLACK EYE!..God is so good as we both know and I look forward to 2015 We both know who’s in charge and we worship Him. Pray for our health. Loving you’ll DEARLY.

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