Dilemmas I’ve Been Pondering.

Happy New Year! I know, I recognize that I’ve been sorely absent from this space since setting my goals.

I’ve thought about posting my thoughts on laziness, time/priorities, exercise, insecurities, or preparing for a puppy, However, these started to seem whiny and silly. So I refrained. I do miss this space; I rely on this blog’s ability to save and store minutiae – memories and lessons learned that I’m terrible at recalling.

Here are a few dilemmas I’ve been pondering recently:

– How deep are my insecurities about work? (I love my job, but absolutely dread and read into criticism of any kind).

– Is ‘spend some of the week apart’ really good advice for couples? It has brought Bryan and I closer together – and made us more intentional with each other.

– Were the IKEA store architects actual geniuses? Bryan and I recently visited the College Park IKEA to purchase actual bookshelves for our (bygone) piles of books. We tried to be quick and sneaky and look in the downstairs storage/”take home” area without writing down any of the actual location numbers we needed … hahahaha … that was a disaster. Let me advise any sane person against trying that. Side note: we were indeed successful!

– Why do snow days induce exhaustion? We had a two hour delay, and I felt more tired than I do on any normally long week day.

– Do 4 year olds understand each other better than adults? My class has recently started sharing “stories” (that they make up off the top of their heads, mind you!) and they find each other wonderfully, side-splittingly hilarious, while I’m left feeling like I missed the punchline. I present exhibit A:

“This guy took out the trash and he saw lots of perfectly good food in it. So he said “What’s that doing in here?” and he took it back inside and he put it all on the table, and he gave it to me, and I said, “Thank You!”

– How do Bryan and I even begin to plan for this summer? (Steph’s wedding (!!!), a new puppy, pre-law-firm-honeymoon, and lots of free time – but not a lot of money!)

– Why is Gilmore Girls so stupidly addictive? 

– How many times is it acceptable to Google Australian Shepherd puppy videos? (Trust me – if it’s on YouTube, I’ve seen it)

– When is it acceptable to begin acquiring dog supplies? (I’d assume after you’ve already met the pup). But I’m so eager I’ve already started an Amazon wishlist – and requested off work for the day after we bring home our new family member.

– This verse (Joel 2:12-13): 

“Even now,” declares the Lord,
    “return to me with all your heart,
    with fasting and weeping and mourning.”

Rend your heart
    and not your garments.
Return to the Lord your God,
    for he is gracious and compassionate,
slow to anger and abounding in love…


2 thoughts on “Dilemmas I’ve Been Pondering.

  1. You are such a dear. Do send pictures of your “new addition” when he
    arrives. How many names have you gone through to choose the right one…or are you waiting to see him first. Just wait. Oh, we are expecting
    twin great grandbaby girls in May….we think THAT is going to be special too. Will tell you the names later. Love you dearly.

  2. oops just now seeing this post. i hate that i only got to talk to you for .5 seconds on sunday because i did NOT get to GUSH about PUPPY! please do write and tell me more:) what is puppy arrival date?!

    also, i have seen just about every goldendoodle video ever…so i feel ya on that one.

    lastly, we definitely started collecting dog stuff early- it can be expensive so we bought a little at a time :) we have a Ruff Wear leash that we LOVE and a Lupine harness that has been great! (we waited until P was full grown to buy the pricier harness though) Lupine has a “chew guarantee” so we have gotten 3 replacements for free when P has chewed through the straps! I CANNOT wait for little puppy weynand!!

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