Words on Valentine’s Day.

Leading a classroom of thirteen 3 and 4 year olds, made me consider Valentine’s Day a little differently this year. Valentine’s Day is about love, but we talked about how love is displayed through kindness and friendship – none of this romance nonsense.

My favorite thing about this day is not the flowers or chocolate or red hearts. It’s the words of affirmation I get to send and say to good friends – the reminder I can give that I am grateful for who they are. The responses I’ve received reminded me once again how often I’ve forgotten to do this but how needed it is. Every human, large/small, confident/egotistical/humble, happy/sad craves the affirmation that they are loved, appreciated, and remembered. Most friends told me they cried and that I made their day. Even though what I wrote was not landmarkingly new – it was a simple iteration of how I think about them daily. But I’m realizing we are so desperately human. We are prone to hopelessness, to weariness, and to insecurity.

And so, I just wanted to throw this out there: If you have people in your life for whom you are the least bit thankful , tell them in so many words today. Seize Valentine’s as one opportunity to affirm and build up the people in your life. We each need (and hunger for) it every single long, hard, tiring, (or happy) day.




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