Suddenly DC Made Sense.

People in DC, for reasons I couldn’t figure out, were harder to get to know.

I first noticed it when I made a joke and the group I was talking to looked at each other to see if it was okay to laugh…

Over lunch I asked why people in DC were timid to express themselves. My friend had worked in the White House and answered my question by tilting his head toward the window. I turned and saw the Capitol dome towering high across the lawn.

“Think about it Don,” he said. “Every day fifty thousand people climb out of these buildings and crawl into your neighborhood. And everyone of them works for somebody who is never allowed to express themselves. This is a town in which you get ahead by staying on script. You become whoever it is people want you to be or you’re out of a job.”

Suddenly DC made sense.

– Donald Miller, Scary Close


2 thoughts on “Suddenly DC Made Sense.

  1. Rachel, it is very good. Such a quick read – and vulnerably thoughtful. Plenty of new thoughts to expound on with husbands/boyfriends and close friends! Read it read it read it.

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