Things on an Extreme Snow Day.

The snow falling here in DC is absolutely crazy – more than I had even expected. I woke up to a snow day, then after about an hour of delicious extra sleep, got up around 7 to rain and green grass outside. I laughed at our silly snow day until 8:30 when some of the largest snowflakes I’ve ever seen started coming down. They have been steadily falling (and continue to fall) since then. Brrrr!

In case you’re also stuck inside today, I thought I’d share a few recent favorite things:

Donald Miller’s new book about relationships. You should read it (such a quick read) – then use it as the bare bones jumping point for discussions with significant people in your life.

Smitten’s crispy egg recipe. I had this for breakfast; it’s so simple, but oh so good. Like bacon.

– Stanford found a treatment that may prevent Alzheimers. What? This amazing.

The sled-in protest happening on Capitol Hill right now. You’ve got to celebrate the few snow days that do happen, right?

– Yoga with Erin Motz. Her 30-day challenge videos are just the right length (12 – 17 minutes) and she has a soothing voice and encouraging words for those of us who haven’t perfected the splits and headstands of “true yogis.”

– This beautiful and hopeful song about needing relationships by Emily Hearn (I finally sent this song to Bryan after fearing he’d find it too mushy). Also this one.

and … this .gif of Chandler applying chapstick.


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