An Honest Apartment Tour.

photo 4

Happy second snow day (full of freezing temperatures)!

I remembered this morning that I haven’t shared any of our apartment pictures on this blog. It seems “in vogue” on all the other blogs. I want to be the same. With one caveat: I want to show mine honestly. I will tell you I did not clean for you (minus making my bed!). I did not arrange the pillows on my couch, declutter my fridge, or hide the piles of books scattered around. So I hope you will see this as “how my apartment actually is.” I also used my camera phone because today is a lazy day. So, without further ado:

When you first walk in, this is about what you’d see: kitchen and dining room/living room.

photo 4

On the right is our lovely washer/dryer set (excited to have our own this year!).

photo 1

To the left is our kitchen. This might be my favorite part about our place – it was the selling point. I never imagined an apartment kitchen could be so large! Please note my favorite appliances: coffee maker and kitchen aid mixer.

photo 5 photo 2 photo 3

Oops. My stack of Arlington Public Library books is waiting to be returned.

photo 1

A cluttered fridge full of Save the Dates, valentines from sweet students, and a list of puppy names (no, I don’t know why number four is missing from the list). photo 3

Our dining room. I insisted on a large table – the better for hosting dinner parties, right? It is also known as the place where I do all my planning for school. And eating while blogging.

photo 4 photo 3

Our faux (cough “free”) china dresser with all 3 of the nice things we own.

photo 2

And, our newest possession: IKEA bookshelves. They are seriously my pride and joy – and have instantly made our apartment feel more homey and lived-in – you can tell I work hard with decorating, right?

photo 1

photo 2

Our living room and cozy couch area. Yes this is also where I do my daily yoga (thus the blue mat on the carpet. Ideal, I know). Also I spy another pile of books to be read.

photo 1 photo 5

And, finally our bedroom – with my made bed. The only dishonest part of this tour! Also one more pile of books on the nightstand.

photo 1 photo 2

I saved our bathroom for the end – but I’m not even sure if it’s worth sharing. Keep in mind I did not clean it. Well, just for the point of completeness: here’s a token photo!

photo 3

And now you know where I’ll be holed up for the next 24 hours. The sun is actually out today – it’s just very very cold. Hope you are staying warm and dry, sweet friends!



2 thoughts on “An Honest Apartment Tour.

  1. oooh I somehow missed this post. looooove it. I love love being able to picture where everyone lives. Of course I’m a huge fan of your ikea bookshelves, but also, is that a stuffed animal I see on your bed?! I still had mine on our bed until I replaced it with a live dog ;) your apartment is beautiful and cozy! can’t wait to see which dog name wins! Maybe it will be mysterious number 4…?

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