Thoughts on 3.15.15.

photo 3

We had quite the cold, gloomy weekend in DC. Spring is right around the corner, but at this point it just seems to be poking it’s head out and snickering at all of us who have prematurely started packing away our heavy coats. I was thankful that Mom, Steph, Jonathon, and Bryan were in town this weekend. We had touristy and local DC adventures  – and accomplished some excellent wedding planning. It was also refreshing to see family – that group of people whose love is unbreakable, unconditional. You can just be yourself when they visit. I have recently been feeling very unmotivated and somewhat insecure – more on that later. But I think it is partially related to Bryan having been away for so long and for me not going out and just doing things. This weekend was the exact opposite of that, thank goodness. I’m beginning to think I suffer from a bit of seasonal depression (only slightly-serious about this).

Among the many highlights of this past week:

– Showing Steph and Mom around the River School, talking about our unique model, and introducing them to all my sweet colleagues.
– Consuming the best guacamole I’ve ever had at this Mexican restaurant on H Street.
– Witnessing a fire/drug bust/murder scene a block away from said Mexican restaurant together. Another time I was thankful for having these dear people in town.
– Taking a Capitol Tour, exploring the Library of Congress, Georgetown, and the DuPont Farmer’s Market.
– Finishing addressing, sealing, and stamping Steph’s wedding invites. I’m getting impatient for that wedding day to get here. I get so giddy about weddings these days. And Stephanie’s and Jonathon’s will be one full of rejoicing and reunions.
– Watching the Carolina and Duke games at our teeny apartment (speaking of, we fit 3 sleeping visitors comfortably. I was proud of our little home).
– Witnessing the craziness I didn’t realize was (fake) “St. Patricks Day” in downtown yesterday. What madness! Drunk people in green shirts were everywhere. We decided to hunker down at our place and avoid the city. Who knew the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day is the official drink-as-much-as-possible-if-you’re-young (or even if you’re not) DC holiday?
– Receiving adorable new photos of our pup in an email!!!! And looking back at them adoringly numerous times. At this point, the pups have a face only a future mother would love. Really, guys. The reality is that they still look like little sleeping hamsters. I will wait until our pup is officially confirmed as ours to post. I want you to adore our Aussie babe on first impression. Look for so many updates on that front to come. Right now, we know the litter is healthy, growing, and will be ready to go home in early May (!).

I leave you with a photo summary below.


photo 1 (1) photo 5

photo 4 photo 2

And, this adoring face I gave Mom for taking too many photos:

photo 1


One thought on “Thoughts on 3.15.15.

  1. Spring IS coming around here! crocuses, yellow-bell bushes and others are telling you’ll up there….just hang on DC…t will come. Loved all the pictures…
    AND THE PEOPLE IN THEM!!! God bless.

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