Thoughts on 3.29.15!

I just finished spending my relaxing (read: lazy and freezing cold) spring break with my family. It was such a delight to spend time at home, with homemade food, exploring my hometown – which seems to keep growing – and to not have any scheduled activities. Mom helped me plan hosting all three of my grandparents for homemade enchiladas (thank you, Shauna Niequist!), and she invited me to read to her kindergarteners TWO TIMES. And there was no end to all the delicious food.

Tomorrow all the tasks I decided were not life-threateningly urgent (read: on which I procrastinated) await to be accomplished. The good/bad news is that Bryan and I are staying in DC for Easter this weekend so we won’t have to spend a lengthy period in our car again. As a sidenote to that, if you’re in the area and want to celebrate with an Easter dinner on Sunday I’m absolutely open to that.

And some other thoughts I’ve been having recently:

I am paralyzed by phone calls. You’d think a 4 and a half hour drive would necessitate at least one phone call to a close friend. But, no. I thought about it, reconsidered it, looked through my contacts. And then, in nervous anticipation of all the things I would have to vocalize to my dearest friends I just kept driving. I’m comforted by the fact that fear of talking on the phone is a millennial-wide problem. But it’s still something I find strange about myself.

– I just found out you can download a Spotify playlist onto your phone so you can listen offline – CRUCIAL for my new resolution to get 3 RUNS in a week.

Spring cleaning needs to happen in the Weynand apartment. I thought I cleaned before I left but apparently that was also filed under “not life-threateningly urgent.”

We met our 3-week-old pup! We finally know which one he is! And he is the most handsome man of all the puppies. I realize I’m a touch biased, but I’m also right. And soooooooo ecstatic. I kept randomly squealing “puppyyyyyy” and looking back through the photos we took – much to Bryan and my family’s amusement.


– Speaking of dogs, I have to confess: I’ve been experiencing moments of anxiety where I don’t think I will be a good puppy mama. And then I compulsively want to read all the books and buy all the puppy things. For instance, after coming home and finding a bobby pin under my nightstand, I realized I often find stray bobbys in the carpet. I will need to be super vigilant about those.

I have book shadows. What I mean by this is that I like to carry “books I’m reading” (read: 5 pages into) around with me.I delude myself into thinking that I’m actually accomplishing something by carrying the books around with me.I’ll bring them in my purse to the store, to my nightstand, or in the car without actually cracking the books open. Thus, they become my book shadows – following me everywhere and doing nothing.  Then, I get a notice from a library saying I’ve had my books for 3 weeks and all 7 of them – that I’ve yet to finish – are due. Le sigh. The struggle.

Now, off to read all the puppy books.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on 3.29.15!

  1. He’s oh so precious….but name??? oh come on…you know you’ve already selected one… OK Love…downstairs to teach. You will enjoy your Easter
    by yourselves. There will be many more with a house full. He Is Risen!!

    1. Ms. Dot – his name will be FRANKLIN! It’s a name after one of Bryan and my favorite places in Chapel Hill. I know you will keep busy over Easter – and I know you are such a blessing to your family. LOVE YOU!

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