Life Lately: Puppy Edition.


“Life lately” might accurately be summed up as: “eat, poop, play, train.” Not much snuggling happening because this Franklin is so darn squirmy. Also he’s got the Australian Shepherd: he wants to be constantly doing. If he’s napping in what we call his “dead to the world” state, and I just happen to walk past him, he’s immediately up and looking in my eyes for further direction. We make awkward eye contact all the time. One of his greatest joys actually is learning tricks. He responds to his name, and to the commands: come, all done, hurry-up, sit, shake, and high-five with only a verbal cue (we are working on translating all of that and more to outside our apartment). Oh, and he can fetch for about 2 or 3 turns. Still practicing with that soft frisbee, too.

Life with a puppy also means that Bryan and I are constantly talking about his toileting and eating habits. What a new dynamic this adds to our relationship! I find myself more and more thankful for Bryan’s stay-at-home caretaking abilities. He feeds, walks, and plays with Franklin while I’m at work and he is in the midst of studying for the bar. Can I just say here that we know friends who are studying solely for the bar – locking themselves in a library and not socializing at all? I am proud of Bryan in this way, that he can invest in other things and still make time each day to study.

As a final note, while our stress level may have increased in some ways (we are almost completely house trained – emphasis on almost!!!), in other ways, Franklin provides many laughs, and responsibility. It’s wonderful in many ways to have a responsibility, a purpose. Right now, ours is communicating about raising this little pup together.

Franklin1 Franklin2 Franklin3   photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

PS: And in case you think we’ve gone completely off the deep end, I will note that we still have friends. We participated in a fun wine tasting on Friday with a group of my work friends (and brought home 8 bottles of wine for FREE!), and today we hosted some church friends for lunch at our apartment. But mostly we still socialize with Franklin.


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