The Pacific Northwest: Whistler and Vancouver Island.

Previously, I posted about our travel in the North Cascades & Vancouver.

After our adventures there (and there were many) with Bryan’s parents, Scott, and Kelly, we all caravaned north about two hours to Whistler. I’ve long heard about the legendary ski resort there, but have never seen pictures of the park in summertime. The mountains did not disappoint. Bryan and I completed a 10-mile hike (just the two of us) to Ghirabaldi Lake on the first day. Lake Ghirabaldi has THE CLEAREST BLUE WATER. None of these photos below were altered. The only downside to our hike was that we did it on BC Day which meant the trail was teeming with people … but once we got to our destination/lunch spot, I could totally see why. We chose not to swim in the (icicle-like) water, but a few crazy people did.

GLake GLake2 GLake3 GLake4

On the second day, our whole group took a couple of fun ski lift rides up to the very top of Whistler for our 5 mile hike up and down the ridge. We got really lucky on the weather: 3 days of perfect temperatures.

Whistler Ski Lift Whistler Ski Lift3 Whistler Whistler2  Whistler4 Whistler5 Whistler6 Whistler7 Whistler8 Whistler9Whistler3

We treated the backyard jacuzzi at our condo like a mini-spa. You could find us most days out there with something to drink and warm water and bubbles all around us (yes, it got cool at night!). We certainly missed it when arrived in Ucluelet (our next destination).

Ucluelet is a small coastal (“surfer”) town on Vancouver Island. It took over five hours to get to – between a 2 hour drive to the ferry, 1 hour ferry ride, and 2 hour drive across Vancouver Island (with a stop at the highly touristy-but-hilarious Goats on the Roof grocery story. Yes, it was aptly named). We were exhausted by the time we arrived, but the view from our condo was certainly worth it.


The next day, we took an fun boat excursion around the Broken Islands to see wildlife (bears, seals, etc) and had the most beautiful (if slightly chilly) weather. The husband-wife team who led the tour were so cute (they lived on the boat!) and fun. They kept saying “A boat is romantic!” I didn’t believe them at first, but it was certainly true by the end as we all ended up pairing off as couples – mostly to keep warm.

Ucluelet Whale Watching Ucluelet Whale Watching2 Ucluelet Whale Watching3 Ucluelet Whale Watching4 Ucluelet Whale Watching5 Ucluelet Whale Watching6 Ucluelet Whale Watching7 Ucluelet Whale Watching8 Ucluelet Whale Watching9 Ucluelet Whale Watching10

We also drove to Tofino (Ucluelet’s surfer-hub/town neighbor). Tofino was the young-people hangout with artisans, yummy coffee, and fresh seafood. We also had one night of a steak dinner cooked by Scott and Kelly. We spent some good time exploring the quiet ocean views in front of our condo and playing Apples to Apples. One of the most relaxing parts of the trip.

Ucluelet2 Ucluelet3

Next up: Seattle, Olympic, & Rainier!


7 thoughts on “The Pacific Northwest: Whistler and Vancouver Island.

  1. woah. It’s been a while since I’ve caught up on your blog and I want to comment on all the things ahh! First, this trip looks AMAZING and I am seriously envious. Also, love all your cute little outfits and I can’t wait to read about the rest of the trip…the views are spectacular.

    Also, after catching up on all your Franklin posts I am fairly certain that A: our dog has a learning disability and/or brain damage from hitting her head on too many things (clumsy) but Franklin sounds like a pure genius and you will laugh when you see how poorly trained and uncoordinated P is and B: the pictures of him laying down with the toddler, I DIE.

    Lastly, your blog is so wonderful and it’s making me wish I was more organized and motivated to write on a blog regularly. Ugh. Much love!

    1. Hil, it’s funny you say this because I just about introduced these entire posts by apologizing for being “bad” at blogging. Thanks for making me feel like a superhero! Don’t worry, I’m always enjoying and reading what you write!

      PS: Come meet Franklin! It will be so fun.

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