The Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Olympic, and Rainier

Previously, I shared the parts of our visit to North Cascades & Vancouver, and Whistler & Vancouver Island.

I don’t have as many photos as I would like of our time in Seattle with family. We arrived around dinnertime and rushed to try coffee from the original Starbucks store (it basically tasted the same, but they introduced me to white mocha syrup. Yum!). We walked around a bit, saw the deserted Public Market, and then indulged in the most delicious dinner ever courtesy of local farmers markets at Local 360. We had too much good food and conversation for photos.

Seattle2 Seattle

Scott and Kelly left the following morning, and then Bryan and I split from his parents to do our own sightseeing. We caught up with two good college friends of mine: Tommy & Sarah and Kelsey & Jon. Tommy & Sarah were so great about showing us some of their favorite places around the city – including Volunteer Park (complete with a ranunculus garden and a water tower), Volunteer Park Cafe (NOM! this reminded me of Foster’s in Chapel Hill), and dinner in the hip district of Ballard at The Sexton. Really I just enjoyed getting to hear about and see the city from a native’s perspective. Thank you Tommy and Sarah for sharing your house and all of your favorite parts about your home city!

PS: We saw so much but I am THE WORST at taking photos. We were, however, inspired by this gorgeous view Tommy and Sarah showed us.

Seattle3 Seattle4 Seattle5

Next, Bryan and I headed to Olympic National Park for my first ever backpacking adventure.



We set up camp beside Lunch Lake that evening. We had a brief scare that we couldn’t use our propane stove. But that was quickly resolved as we celebrated our Two-Year Anniversary that evening with Yosemite playing cards (from our One-Year) and St. Lucia rum (from our Honeymoon).



backpacking8 backpacking7 backpacking9 backpacking3 backpacking4

Above is Heart Lake (which looks more like a heart when you get closer). Our total hiking distance was 20 miles over two days (8 the first day, 12 the second). Those last four miles, though. The worst. We hiked the last four miles under complete tree cover to the parking lot. Tree cover is not quite as inspiring as glaciers and mountain peaks when your feet and shoulders are sore.

Then we took our smelly selves down the mountain to the quaint Port Townsend. If you ever visit here, you seriously must stay at the Old Consulate Inn. It is the most romantic place I’ve ever stayed – it’s styled in the traditional Victorian style, you’re greeted by a sweet black labrador, and they indulge you with a full 3 course breakfast!

The following day, we traveled to Mt. Rainier. We did some hiking, but were prevented from staying the night by an impending thunderstorm.

MtRainier MtRainier2 MtRainier3MtRainier4 MtRainier5 MtRainier6

And we finished our trip with a winery tour at Chateau Ste Michele and a chocolate tour at Theo Chocolate (both Seattle staples). I will now leave you with this photo of the hair nets Bryan wore during our intricate Theo Chocolate Tour (no beard hair in THOSE chocolate bars!):



Until next time, West Coast!


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