Good-bye to Hurried 2015, and Hello to a More Settled 2016

I’m drinking a cup of ginger green tea with blue ridge mountain honey and I’m two houses from the ocean. What could be a more peaceful way to welcome in 2016?

And yet I don’t feel peaceful or as anticipatory as I do most years.Usually love the idea of a New Year – reflecting on the past and anticipating the future. This year, I feel the need to keep trudging onward. Part of that may have to do with the fact that I have paperwork for school looming over me due on Monday.  Part of that is also this process of cleaving away from family and creating my own little family that makes its own decisions and choices. It’s hurtful and a little lonely and yet it’s healthful and freeing. Do you know what I mean? I’m just pondering here. There’s no big argument or big decisions going on below the surface, but I do feel this in a very melancholy way. Does anyone else?

2015 passed with little fanfare and much hurry. It was a whirlwind year, a year with many milestones, but a year that went by too quickly for me to process. It is soothing now to think back on everything that happened.

The milestones included: Bryan’s Law School graduation, two trips up to NYC, Stephanie and Jono’s wedding, adopting sweet Franklin, my grandfather getting remarried, an adventurous trip to the Pacific Northwest (where I went backpacking for the first time), a new coteacher at school, and two celebrations when Bryan’s godsister and then his brother each got engaged! And, of course, we attended a host of lovely weddings and welcomed a number of visits from friends and family in between. This was quite the year of births and birth announcements from sweet friends!

Good-bye to any negativity from 2015 and here’s to looking forward to the good in 2016!

This will be the first year that neither Bryan nor I anticipate any big life changes. No graduating, no moving, no additions of small creatures to our family. With this low of expectation, I’m sure 2016 will offer lots of surprises.

This is the year I want to get settled. I want to finally feel like “life is starting” but also that “life is rooted.” In complete disclosure, Bryan and I spend plenty of days wishing we were living with the low housing prices of NC. But we do enjoy our jobs, our church, our friends, the city that’s at our fingertips.

In line with that, and in anticipation of 2016’s unseen surprises, I’ve made a few (very tame) goals for 2016.

2016 Goals: 

  • Complete this Reading Challenge.
  • Run a 10-miler or more race (considering Tar Heel 10-Miler … anyone?)
  • Run regularly with Franklin.
  • Take an agility class with Franklin.
  • Continue facilitating my fledgling but dear book club.
  • Take a greater role in our growing church – and have a positive attitude about it.
  • Have at least 4 more LSLS Observations!
  • Cook two meals (or more) a month from this new cookbook.
  • Develop greater humility and become better at just listening in all of my relationships. Start with reading this book.
  • Finally feel settled in DC. I’m not sure this is a goal I can tangibly work toward. It’s more of an intuitive ‘aha’ feeling. But I think this entails finding quiet time for myself each week – and saying ‘no’ intentionally.

Here’s to continuing to become more of an adult in 2016!


One thought on “Good-bye to Hurried 2015, and Hello to a More Settled 2016

  1. Good morning, my dear young (but old) friend. I have also come through some …times…maybe to discuss in a letter, but we survived, and are heading into 2016 fully trusting daily in our Precious Lord. I’m still teaching, still at HARP…our 16th year…still raising mealworms to feed our bluebirds.
    Gracie, our little min-pin is 5now and still a love. Thank you for sharing. You know how dearly you are loved. God bless you and Bryan this new year.

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