2016 Reading Challenge: Accepted.

Steph told me recently that as kids she anticipated the brief delightful moments when I would finally pry my nose from between book pages. “Then you’d be silly Shannon and we could play!” I swear I’m not that antisocial these days, but I admit to still carrying a book with me most places I go (yes even to the grocery store and the movies). I value my reading time above almost everything.  I have no problem reading books but this year I want to be more intentional about reading books that I’ve long procrastinated. 

Below is a list of categories I found on Modern Mrs. Darcy. I loved how the categories were both challenging and flexible. I decided to make my list before the year started so I can go back to this for inspiration when I need to know what I should read next. I present to you the (almost set in stone, but still malleable) list of books I want to read this year:

Any others I should add to this list? I’m never not looking for recommendations! 


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