An Apartment Tour: Take 2.

On last year’s snow day I presented An Honest Apartment Tour. This year, I give you our new apartment in all its dishonesty (read: I ran the vacuum, fluffed the pillows, and cleaned the kitchen. Goodness knows this was both good for the apartment and the soul after being stuck inside for 48 hours of blizzard weather!).

And, so, here we are nice and settled (and featuring a number of curious appearances by Franklin Weynand). Also please forgive the quality of the photos – I’m too lazy and not nearly vain enough to edit them.

We begin: at the front door.


The view you see upon entering. Note my favorite change since our last apartment: HARDWOOD FLOORS!


Hi Franklin! This is our living room – with an entertainment console (slash sideboard table) from Eastern Market. Franklin’s corner is to the right – where his toys and favorite cozy bed are kept.


Can you see out the window here? Probably not. But we have a lovely 4th floor view of an Episcopal steeple and Columbia Pike. If it weren’t for another apartment building we could see the Washington Monument!


Our cozy couch and, yes, a reappearance of everyone’s favorite IKEA bookshelf. Also, a spacious terrace with IKEA table and chair set. It was our favorite reading spot in the summer, but is currently covered in snow.


The large dining room table I still can’t tear myself away from. The dinner parties need to happen far more often!


The kitchen! This glorious kitchen with granite countertops and lots of open space into the living room. It was what sold me on moving (well, that and the hardwood floors).


This is our den. Womp, womp, womp. It’s also known as our storage room and Franklin’s space. We have many dreams to turn it into a reading room (please note the “extra books” we’ve stored). Stay tuned.


A few token bathroom photos – which basically look identical to our former bathroom. Go figure!


Our very empty-looking bedroom. We got rid of our sleigh bed headboard and footboard to make room for more space, but haven’t replaced it with a decent bed frame. And believe me we have scoured the IKEA. Also in the market for a large decorative piece of art – or, alternately, a floating bookshelf for above our heads. Send recommendations.


We are staying snuggled up and cozy on this snowy day (the snow is above our knees!). Tonight you can find us cheering on those Panthers in Charlotte. And we hope to be cozied up tomorrow so that we don’t have to face these icy snowy roads.

Shannon, Bryan, and Franklin.


5 thoughts on “An Apartment Tour: Take 2.

  1. Gee…I’m glad to have time to “see” you’lls new place. With snow, ice and a terrible head cold, I have totally missed last week. I can’t believe Franklin has grown so much…and he is still a puppy. WATCH OUT!!!

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