Small Joys 2.12.16

Inspired by Cristina Davis (love you, friend!).

Today has been both a productive and lazy day away from work – the best mix of things? I made a list of three things to accomplish (oil change, apartment cleaning, and an AVT/LSLS mentor session). Check, check, check.

Now for sharing a few small joys that have been making the monotony of daily life more lovely.

No. 1: A new breakfast recipe: a toasted English muffin + almond butter + honey + coconut flakes. After purchasing a few of these supplies for a friend on the Whole30 diet, I decided to try almond butter and coconut flakes for myself. Delicious and so filling! I even asked Bryan to buy me a new jar of almond butter this week (“$11??” he said, “Is it worth it?” “Oh yes. Yes, it is,” I reassured him).

No. 2: Uploading a video from my camcorder for my AVT Mentor sessions. This was a month-long struggle. I felt my lack of technology knowledge keenly. But I did it, and early this morning had a wonderfully fulfilling strengths-based mentor session about a therapy session I completed.

No. 3: She Reads Truth LENT Daily Devotionals (found here). They are focused, life-giving, and easy to access for everyone – I use mine on my iPhone. However, I have been reading the Bible verses from my Bible. I find reading from tangible pages slows me down, and facilitates a better memory of the passage.

No. 4: Hilary’s Birth Narrative. This blogpost, written by one of my college roommates who just had her first baby, was one of the first things I read this morning. It had me literally weeping. But also, I’ve decided I am certainly not ready for labor. Prepare yourself.

No. 5: When My Days are Done by Green River Ordinance. This song‘s lyrics are so beautiful. You may think it slightly morbid, but I find it hopeful:

“When my time comes
When all my days are done
Friend, don’t you cry for me.
Though my body might be broken in the ground,
Oh, my soul, it will be free.”

– Green River Ordinance

No. 6: Buying children’s books for ALL THE NEW BABIES. So many friends are pregnant or tending to newborns. My fascination with child development means books are on my must-give list. If you, too, feel like ALL THE FRIENDS are having babies, I’ve included a few highlights of my favorite books for newborns (pssst, make sure to buy Board Books – these will stand up better against sticky fingers, and drooly mouths).  Many of my favorites are here.

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle (colorful, talks about colors, animals, and repetitive with wonderfully simple rhyme scheme).
  • Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell (interactive, repetitive, and excellent for talking about animal sounds).
  • That’s Not My Puppy by Fiona Watt (there is a whole series of these touch-and-feel books. They’re interactive and you can work on negation (“No, no, no”))
  • ALL the books by Leslie Patricelli (yes, they are certainly juvenile … but what could be more juvenile than reading to a newborn? A favorite is Quiet Loud – which you can use to tune baby into quiet voice vs. loud, screaming voice!)



2 thoughts on “Small Joys 2.12.16

  1. Hooray! I love this post :) And am sad that I didn’t see it sooner! So many lovely things to brighten up dreary winter days. Love you, friend. Thanks for sharing in the celebration of small joys found in the midst of the ordinary <3

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