EARS 2016

Some of the children with HA’s from last year’s EARS Trip to Mysore, India.

I’ve been meaning to write more about the project I’m serving with in India, but these last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. The service group is called Ending All Roads to Silence (EARS), and the group was started at the University of Southern California. They were given a grant through the Tata Foundation.

There is an excellent goosebumps-inducing video linked here.

The details are:

  • Two weeks in India. Two coworkers, myself, a photographer
  • 90+ children with hearing loss.
  • 30 new hearing aids, 4 new cochlear implants.
  • 100+ teachers.
  • 3 convents.
  • Books, bubbles, wind-up toys, and a parachute!
  • Training teachers and nuns on using strategies for helping children with hearing loss to listen and talk (!! my favorite thing !!)

I am asking for your prayer for our safe travels, for calm and loving spirits, and for clear instruction (on our part). I’m by turns excited, anxious, distracted, and in “auto-mode” as we just finished packing and the final week of school. But I’m overjoyed to be part of this service project, and I know that we will make a small difference in these children’s lives (a small small difference).

Many photos and details to follow in a few weeks. I will try to update this blog or post some photos on Facebook / Instagram so you’ll know I’m alive.

Finally, I look forward to updates about each of your alls’ summers!

Much love,


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