Days 1 – 3 in Europe: Switzerland.

As you already know, this blog is not only a cathartic release, but also a memory catcher. Following is a series of memories from our trip to Europe in July.

Our very first day in Europe, we landed in Zurich and drove to Lucerne for the most gorgeous day, and a stroll along the lake there. Also, this bridge was built in 1333 (!).


Above you’ll find a photo of a gorgeous lake, and of me holding a bottle of sparkling water. This water was a hilarious accidental gas station purchase. As neither of us can read German, Bryan bought the biggest bottle of water he could find. The carbonation on our first sip was quite the surprise!


Above is the view from our AirBnB in the mountainside village of Murren. The mountains are that tall and that breathtaking and, no, they never got old. If I may just write a sidenote about our host here – she was eager and sweet and I was so impressed by how in shape she was and how well she spoke English. I was also enchanted by her because she is Murren’s librarian. What a job.


We stumbled on this sweet Saint Bernard before our hike on the first day. What a snuggler. He sniffed my hand and then seemed out of it until I left and he lifted his head up with the saddest expression in his eyes. If only I could’ve stayed with him the rest of the day!

Below are photos from our first hike in Murren.


Halfway along our hike we came across a cheesemongers’ cottage. So, of course, we stopped for some fresh Alpine Cheese and edelweiss soda.


Above, our mid-hike break at a Hutte included bread, hot soup, potatoes, cheese, and beer. I mean, really, how more Swiss can you get? We lingered here to let our food settle.


Both of these photos are from along the path between Murren and Gimmelwald (two carless mountainside villages).

Photos from our second day hike:


This is one of my favorite photos of Bryan: pure awe! We took a 20 minute cable car ride up from Grindelwald to begin our hike.


This small sky walk was a little intimidating, but a gorgeous view!


Another dog encounter! This Bernese Mountain Dog was visiting his homeland (the Berner Oberland!) and his owner (who did not speak a word of English) graciously let me take his photo. Side note: all dogs in Europe have leather leashes and collars. I decided this was something I wanted to bring home for Franklin – but the price tags were out of this world. Sorry, Franks!


There were a number of steep climbs – and please note the lingering snow!


The final 30 minutes of our hike involved this hill – you walk straight up a switchback. Don’t worry, though, the reward is beer and an amazing view.


See? Told you the view was worth it. It was a 360 degree view, too!


Thanks, Switzerland!

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The Admont Abbey Library, Austria


4 thoughts on “Days 1 – 3 in Europe: Switzerland.

  1. WOW!!!! You are a great tour-guide. You didn’t mention the temp or if you encountered any rain. Maybe that will come later. Its a fascinating trip and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

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