Days 4 – 5 in Europe: Austria

A continuation of our Europe trip begun in:
Days 1 – 3 in Europe: Switzerland

Then, it was off to Innsbruck – home of the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. More than that, this city is a historical treasure trove of cobblestone streets and classic European architecture. It was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1400’s.


So happy we got to sit outside and enjoy our food (schnitzel, as the Austrians do).


We came across an enchanting outdoor concert by the local orchestra. We each grabbed a glass (read: plastic cup) of wine and settled down for the show … until a thunderstorm drove us out an hour later.


The view from our hotel (above) wasn’t too bad.


Medieval fighting was no joke – as we found out at Schloss Ambras (a Medieval castle).


Fussen, Germany. Our pitstop the night before our Neuschwanstein Castle tour. Note: We weren’t originally going to visit this town (we were suppose to be hiking to a mountain Hutte outside of Innsbruck), but a torrential downpour – and a severe flood warning – kept us away.


Above, our trials with the GoPro camera, and, below, the crazy rain that fell during and after our castle tour. We walked out to clouds and a storm and had to sprint for 20 minutes down the mountainside.


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The Admont Abbey Library, Austria


4 thoughts on “Days 4 – 5 in Europe: Austria

  1. What was my comment about the weather?? But you two always make the best of it. I could NEVER do a trip like that because I couldn’t hike! Your pictures are so great. Now, how about the temperature?

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