Days 6 – 8 in Europe: Salzburg

Part of a series on our trip to Europe. See also:
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A few photos of our sweet AirBnB with which I am in love; there were wide, knotty hardwood floors, white furniture, and well-loved walls (not to mention, the front door was big black dungeon gate!).

Below are photos from our Sound of Music bike tour (linking to them here because it was possibly the highlight of our trip – minus the Swiss mountains, of course):


Salzburg was more than a bike ride, though. We explored a lot of churches (for which I have very little photographic evidence, but by which we were fascinated as religious studies majors and as Christians). We had a long conversation at the end of which both Bryan and I decided that if we had lived in Medieval Europe, we would most certainly been a monk and a nun. No, it’s true, we would not be married, but in all likelihood we would have fit in better with that group. At least, devoting yourself to prayer and peace sounds a whole lot better than hitting people over the head with clubs or being forced into an arranged marriage, right?

And then there was the fortress overlooking the city (originally built in 1077 – surely they laugh at our paltry American history!). The view of the city from there was incredible. I love this little Salzburg town; it was quaint and cozy. Also note: it was full of RAIN. Apparently the climate here is similar to Seattle?


The next day we went to THE most INCREDIBLE library in the world.

And I’m in love.

It will need its own post. For now, I’m just going to leave this image here as a teaser:


Next up:
Days 9 – 11 in Europe: Prague
The Admont Abbey Library, Austria



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