Days 9 – 11 in Europe: Prague

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IMG_8824Ah, Praha.

When I’ve been asked about our time in Europe I often add Prague as a side note (“Yeah, we went to Prague. It was nice, but so crowded, and a little crazy.”). And I know it deserves more than that. Prague was cosmopolitan in a way that none of the other places we visited were.  And it was historical. Looking back, I’m so glad we went. While we were there I was in awe, but, at times, I found the number of people in this city overwhelming.

Above are some favorite photos from the Charles Bridge (we may have crossed this bridge six times in two days!). It was a cultural center – filled with street musicians, tourists, and historical markers. This bridge was built around the mid-14th century.


Above, the St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle complex. It was built in the mid-1300s and has played a big role in changing hands and witnessing historical events during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire. Below, you’ll see the view of Prague from where the cathedral sits atop a hill.


This is a view from on top of the old astronomical tower at the Klementium.

There was also a dark, enchanting library inside the Klementium. Unfortunately, no photographs allowed. Silly. You can see a photo of it here. It contains one the world’s oldest collections of globes and clocks.


Above, the Charles Bridge on a Saturday evening. So. Many. People.


Thankfully, we found a quiet retreat in a park a small hike away from the city. The view was incredible, and the beer cost $1.30. Can’t get much better.


Thanks for the memories, Prague.

Finally, the Admont Abbey Library, Austria.


4 thoughts on “Days 9 – 11 in Europe: Prague

  1. Whew!!! what a trip. I would have LOVED to have gone into one of those grand Cathedrals…just go from bottom to top…just to be overwhelmed. I wonder where the Christians outside the city worship…Oh well , thank you again for the marvelous Third Anniversary Celebration. Love you both.

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