Musings and Anecdotes 10.16.16.


I’m listening to JohnnnySwim as I write. You should, too:

A few photos from our hiking trip last weekend are below. We were extremely lucky with the weather (which was the day after Hurricane Matthew-induced rain). We hiked, camped under the stars, and experimented with campfire meals. We came home toting a tired dog, each of us smelling like smoke. I was touched with a grand appreciation for the mountains and the way that so many worries seem to fall away the minute you drive down 66, and creep your way up Skyline drive. Kind of like that feeling you get in an airplane, suspended in the stratosphere. Psssst, I also slept in a tent with Franklin next to my head or in my sleeping bag all night, and it was heavenly.


This weekend was similarly filled with much slowing down, saying ‘no,’ cleaning, and reading. As I sit down to ponder this weekend, I am thankful. It was much needed, though I still didn’t check everything off my to-do list.

Bryan and I often discuss how we feel more alive when we have the space and time to slow down. When we slow down, we process, and when we process, we make good, clear decisions that we can feel confident about; I’m inclined to believe that this feeling of barely-being-able-to-catch-our-breath during the week is due in part to our collective introversion. But it could also very well be that neither of us has learned enough self-discipline to accomplish everything that we should during weekdays. This can be tricky, as we each have jobs in which work spills over past the strict “workday.” We are extra thankful for workless days (unfortunately not the case for Bryan this weekend).

Beyond workless days, there are a few other things I’ve been craving recently. Namely:

  • Healthy foods (like Whole30-level healthy)
  • A simpler, more elegant wardrobe.
  • An assurance of who my friends are/will be. (As I mentioned to my friend Cristina this weekend, you could know the dirty laundry of 30 people: but at that level, you’re no good to anyone. You can, however, deeply understand the dirty laundry of a select few, and carry each other in a deep, real way).
  • Owning a bookstore (will this ever dissipate? I know I’m completely building a castle in the sky for myself, but the ache to own a bookselling establishment has only grown stronger this year).
  • Deeply philosophical Christian discussion. (It takes a special personality to want to dig deeply; it takes someone who is not afraid of what they might unearth).
  • A decorated den (Will someone come do this for me? I have problems with buying furniture. I just freeze when I find something I might like).
  • Let no one caught in sin remain // inside the lie of inward shame (we sang this at church this morning, and the sentiment resonates with my core).

What have you been craving?


5 thoughts on “Musings and Anecdotes 10.16.16.

  1. As always, reading this made me feel like I was drinking coffee with you in your living room (and oh! How I wish I was!). Love you and your thoughts <3 Can I help out at your bookstore? Trying to live out that Kathleen Kelly dream

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