Recent Happy Diversions.10.24.16.

  1. Anna Karenina … as read by Maggie Gyllenhaal on Audible. Yes, you’re hearing about this again, because this is my new thing. Because walking the dog is so much better with elegant, thoughtful words in your ears. Music is overrated. Listening to audiobooks is bringing back my memory of being that one girl in school who was constantly reading her book in the corner. Now I’m that girl who is constantly “reading” a book in the grocery store, post office, sidewalk, etc. Small caveat: the reader makes a difference (My other Audible recommendations: Love Warrior written and read by Glennon Doyle Melton, and Pride & Prejudice read by Rosamund Pike)
  2. Running with Franklin. This is my New Year’s Resolution that is finally (sorta) happening. We’ve gotten up to 4 miles together. However, that includes sniff, pee, and walking breaks. But, I’m celebrating because baby steps.
  3. Bookclubs in Bars. Er, restaurants. This past weekend, my bookclub (you should join!) met at a fancy restaurant downtown. This was inspired by the fact that this fancy Cafe was mentioned in our book (See, The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close). But having a discussion over cocktails was making me feel so grown up – not to mention you should just google “New York Sours” right now because it is delicious and amazingly better than the list of ingredients may tempt you to believe. And you heard it here first.
  4. Fall Weather! (which, to me means temperatures in the 60’s and changing leaves). We have been spending so much time out of doors – hiking, walking. This also likely contributes to Franklin and my running revival.
  5. Weekends in Town. Bryan and I have spent the last two weekends in town with loose plans with friends and it has been glorious.
  6. All the Fage yogurts. These are my go-to school snacks and I cannot get enough. I recommend the Raspberry Split Cup.
  7. French Press coffee. I got my very first french press for my birthday, and I’ve been overusing it. This means, after-dinner coffee for everyone! It can rule the world.
  8. Parenthood. Watching, loving, laughing, crying. But really just biding my time until Gilmore Girls returns.
  9. The new HearingFirst Community. I’m not sure if anyone  reading this blog cares, but it is making my life better. This website just started up and already is a great source of resources. What I’m excited about is that they’re building a community for professionals who work with children with hearing loss. I’m already in awe of the therapists sharing their knowledge and experiences. Totes speech pathology fangirling …
  10. Honesty on the Internet. I know we can never be truly bare-faced on this digital medium. To some degree, honesty requires the ability to have a back/forth discussion, but I deeply appreciate those voices who ring genuine. Some examples: On Dressing. On the Motherhood Joy Struggle. On the ME in MEdia. On Bodies. All you ladies are the best.

And here is my little list of things that are helping me to find grace and to get through the week. I hope you find some inspiration for your own week (may I again remind you of the beautiful pairing of audiobooks with endorphin-inducing exercise?). 

Much love,


One thought on “Recent Happy Diversions.10.24.16.

  1. I love all of this! Particularly about audible, book clubs in bars, fall weather. Glad you are finding the happy moments in the midst of the ordinary– thanks for sharing this! So so lovely.

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