Goodbye to a Complacent 2016, Hello to an Intentional 2017.


I’m listening to Will Reagan Band songs (you can, too, here), and contemplating how 2016 may have been the quickest passing year of my life. I feel like only yesterday I wrote out goals for the year. Today, my family is back at Hilton Head, and I’m staring out at an Atlantic ocean view again.

Alas. This nostalgia must be the first sign of aging – an acute realization that time is merely sand passing steadily through a sieve. Unstoppable.

With that, I want to strive for a more intentional year in 2017. So much happened in 2016 and yet there was much I missed out on – like having more friends over for dinner, writing more cards, spending more time outdoors.

However, 2016 left me feeling both settled and rested, as well as well-traveled. Bryan and I explored Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and I served children with hearing loss in India. We went hiking throughout Virginia, and I took an agility class with Franklin, discovered I was not meant to hold a leadership position in my church, experienced snowmageddon in DC, celebrated the birth of friends’ babies and grew my book club. Sports were bittersweet for us – we experienced the foretaste of success with UNC’s brush with a national championship and The Nationals’ brush with the World Series.

Notably, from my 2016 Goals, I was able to complete 90% of my Reading Challenge, run regularly with Franklin, run a 6-mile race, continue my LSLS Observations, and cook new meals of the Whole 30 variety. And, to the extent one can feel settled when you know you won’t be somewhere forever, I do, indeed, feel more settled. And content.

Unfortunately, I was remiss with blogging this, for some reasons mentioned here. However, here are some photos to sum up 2016:

For 2017, I want to be more intentional with how I spend my time.

2017 Goals: 

    • Return to India. Connect with another organization / outside person to strengthen and increase the longevity of what we do with the children and educators there.
    • Run regularly with Franklin.
    • Work on Franklin’s greetings – specifically addressing exuberant jumping and barking.
    • Host friends for bi-monthly home cooked meals. (This is something I dream about daily, but get so nervous about being shot down).
    • Be intentional in pursuing:
      • Time reading the Word – find a regular Bible Study
      • Hikes with friends
      • Book Club with friends
      • Visits to NC (especially for Bryan’s family’s new cabin!)
    • Practice ‘go-to’ recipes and have a repertoire of at least 10. Use recipes from The Yellow Table cookbook. Track those on notecards.
    • Learn more about what it takes to work in a bookstore.
    • Develop a beauty routine with new makeup (recommended by Summer).
    • Travel to places I’ve never been before in Europe (possibly Spain France, Germany, or England?).

The next time I write here, I hope to feel decisive about what Bryan and I want next. I want to be bold about our dreams and take tangible steps to direct our lives toward Capitol Hill or North Carolina.

Here’s to living more intentionally and being content (not complacent) in 2017!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Complacent 2016, Hello to an Intentional 2017.

  1. just finished catching up on your blog- I hadn’t read since your posts before this one!! such good stuff, as always. I love how you’ve divided your goals- is it too late to make some goals of my own that same way now that it’s February?? ;) also I want to look up this recipe site you’re talking about…I need some new inspiration! keep on writing lots this year! miss you friend, wish I could pop in for a home cooked meal!!!

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