Recent Happy Diversions.1.16.17.

Happiest New Year …annnnnd just like that January is halfway over! I’ve not felt up to posting long anthems on here, though, that’s not to say I don’t have many many ideas. To tide me over, here’s a list of things keeping me happy!

  1. Meal Planning. But, no, seriously. Since the beginning of the year, Bryan and I have been on a meal-planning kick. We plan everything we want on Sunday, pick up all the items at Trader Joe’s, and then sticking to the plan. Most successful recipes thus far have come from The Yellow Table Cookbook
  2. Liane Moriarity’s Big Little Lies on Audible. Fast-paced, intriguing, and read in an Australian accent. Makes commutes to work that much better.
  3. Catching up with Friends. This weekend we were lucky enough to see three different friends from undergrad in DC. One from out of town, and two from nearby. Though, getting together with those who are local is always a feat in itself. It’s unfortunate, but I’m always struck by how “busy” I can tell myself that we are and forget to reach out!
  4. Daydreaming about the English Lake District … thanks to this book about a shepherd’s life. Highly recommend if you too love animals and wish you lived in a farmhouse in another life. But, I mean, look at this view.
  5. The way Franklin looks at us when we talk to him. Head tilt, serious eyes, open-mouth smile, full attention. We are totally biased, but he might be 50% human… Oh! And he’s recently started lifting his leg to pee on things. A milestone event!
  6. Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning. Because when I read it, I cry … on occasion … okay, I mean every single morning.
  7. One-Person Couches. And (finally) convincing Bryan that we need one of these for reading. Mainly this has been accomplished by regularly stealing the best reading spot in our apartment and refusing to abdicate until I have a cozy chair to curl up in.

One thought on “Recent Happy Diversions.1.16.17.

  1. 1. yellow table cookbook! :)
    2. love any audiobook in an english (or australian) accent. if you want a real treat, check out the audiobook of julie andrew’s autobiography, home. who could not love being read to by her?
    3. jealous! but glad that was me this past summer!
    4. sheep!
    5. seriously though. <3 [oh, but how did he pee before?!]
    6. mmm, will have to read. love the word "abba."
    7. you go. i have been known to binge on chaise lounge porn. lol.


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