Recent Happy Diversions. 5.17.17.

It has been a while, friends. I’m currently off today because of a variety of India-preparatory appointments (could only get a doctor appointment today this week!). So, in an effort to catch you up on life lately, I’ll share a few things that are making me happy – or that are occupying my thoughts. You’ll also find some cute outtakes from our weekend with Franklin’s best Corgi friend, Huey:


  1. Allman Brown. I love starting out with music to listen to while you read. I don’t know much about Allman Brown, except that he is on Spotify and has  a lovely voice and haunting lyrics. I can’t stop listening to all of his songs. Particularly these:
  2. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. This book is saving my life. I’m in a book study with some very honest and sensitive ladies, and it is changing my heart to view myself as loved, whole, full. I’m also working to remind myself of this everyday so I start off with a cup full. I’m not great at it yet, but I’m glad to be focusing on it and to have women who share the same struggles.
  3. Our “California Salad” invention. Bryan and I had the most delicious (filling) creation while visiting Laguna Beach earlier this year, and I’m not obsessed with recreating it. You don’t need precise measurements, but if you throw the following ingredients together you will be full of happiness and summery thoughts:
    • arugula
    • basil (lots of it!)
    • rice
    • feta cheese (or goat cheese)
    • chopped apple (I recommend pink lady)
    • prosciutto (this is KEY!)
    • dates (optional)
    • lemon vinaigrette (lemon + EVOO + S&P)
  4. Being generous with “taking days.” I’m usually a very strict “must-not take any days off,” person, but as I grow older and you find it’s more difficult to reschedule a doctor’s appointment, or a conference call, I’ve decided to just use the 7 extra days I have before the end of the year, and not let myself feel bad about it!
  5. India Pants. aka, Harem Pants. They are just so comfortable. And I’m growing more comfortable wearing them in public. They slightly look like pajamas, so it’s a struggle against feeling self-conscious. Wearing them has the added benefit of reminding me of those adorable kiddos and all the curry-jasmine memories, which I love. Speaking of, have I shared that I’m going back this summer? In a month, actually! I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this.
  6. Rose. Just so refreshing.
  7. The SUNSHINE. All the sunlight, the early morning sunrise, the sun shining long past 8pm. I love all of it and it makes me feel energized, happy, focused. I will forever stand by the idea that sunlight is essential to happiness (so long as there’s a bit of rain mixed in).
  8. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell on Audiobooks. File under, Classics I haven’t yet read. This has made walking Franklin about 10x’s better (and I’ll walk for twice as long – so we both win).



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